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Treatment of exfoliation: medical methods and natural prescriptions

Skin scratches may appear in anyone, especially infants, the elderly, and diabetics. What are the most important methods of treating skin discolorations? What do you need to know about it? Here is the most important information in the following article.

There are many environmental and pathological factors that may cause you to have a higher incidence of exfoliation, so what exactly are exfoliation? How can you treat and dispose of exfoliation? All this and more as follows:

What are skin exfoliation?
Skin abrasions are a common condition that may affect the skin, especially in areas most prone to friction in the body that contain folds and folds, such as: underarm, pubic area, breast, butt.

It is worth noting that skin dissections are not an infectious condition, and they usually appear as areas of the skin characterized by the following:
Visible redness.
An unpleasant feeling of itching.
Feeling of pain.
General feeling of burning and discomfort.
Bubbles or blisters appear.
The condition may worsen over time if it is not contained, to inflame the area and pus begin to come out of the skin in the affected areas with the appearance of crusts and a clear smell.
Treatment of skin exfoliation for adults
The method of treating skin exfoliation depends on many factors, including the degree of exfoliation, the extent of exacerbation of the condition and the main reason for its appearance. Here are the most important methods of treating exfoliation available for adults:

1- Over-the-counter ointments and creams
There are many creams, ointments, and medicinal preparations that are usually used to treat exfoliation, especially minor cases of which the skin has not yet been inflamed, especially:
Creams made of zinc oxide.
Anti-fungal shampoo.
Most of the petroleum.
Antiperspirants that prevent sweat from leaving, especially in the underarm area.
Talcum powder.
2- Prescription drugs
Depending on the cause of the skin exfoliation, the doctor may have to prescribe:

A special type of antibiotic or topical antifungicide for the treatment of exfoliation, especially if the causes of infection are certain fungi or bacteria.
Certain capsules or pills to speed up the healing process, such as penicillin, which is used in some non-slight conditions.
3- Natural recipes and other methods
There are many natural substances and simple household methods that may help in treating and relieving exfoliation, especially the following components:

Dilute tea tree oil and coconut oil to relieve itching and inflammation.
Use cold dry compresses.
Separate the folds of the skin by using special cotton fabrics and healthy materials that prevent skin friction and worsen the condition.
Other natural ingredients characterized by their ability to sterilize, such as: aloe vera gel, garlic, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, neem, oats, turmeric.
But it is worth noting here that the reaction of the skin to these natural solutions may differ from person to person and from one case to another, so it is always preferable to resort to the doctor before following any of them.

4- Exceptional solutions for special cases
In some cases, the patient may be forced to undergo exceptional treatments depending on his condition, such as breast reduction operations if the large size of the breast is constantly causing abrasions in the folds of the lower breast.

Treatment of infant skin exfoliation
Treatment of exfoliation in infants needs special care due to the infant’s sensitive skin, here are the most important steps and tips:

Using a special type of diaper ensures a high degree of absorption to reduce overall humidity in that area.
Using ointments and oils such as: olive oil, cod liver oil, special creams.
Changing baby diapers regularly and over relatively short periods during the day.
But it is worth noting here that consulting a doctor is necessary, no matter how minor the exfoliation is in the child, so the doctor must be sought first before following any treatment.

Before treating exfoliation … Here are the ways to prevent
If you want to protect yourself from skin exfoliation in general, or if you want to prevent further exfoliation in the future, here are some tips:

Excess weight loss.
Keep diabetes under control in those with it.
Wearing appropriate clothing, including:
Wear shoes that ensure complete ventilation of the toes (in the event that the exfoliation tends to appear in that area).
Use bra made from fabric that absorbs sweat and does not cause skin irritation.
Stay away from tight clothes and tight shoes.
Follow these rules when it comes to your personal hygiene:
Dry your body well after bathing through the frump on the skin without rubbing it firmly with a towel.
Keep your skin dry most of the time.
Use an antifungal shampoo on your scalp at least once a week.
Use antibacterial soap when washing the body and hands, and stay away from perfumed soap.
Take a shower immediately after exercising and dry the skin well.
For infants, frequent diapers change and not to wait for a long time before making dirty diapers.
Warnings and dangers
You should see a doctor immediately and not try to treat exfoliation at home in the following cases:

The status of exfoliation has not improved after 5-7 days of infection, despite taking preventive measures and eliminating the factors that cause dissection.
The following signs and symptoms appear: fever, pus and pus coming from the dissection area, redness and warmth rapidly spreading in the affected area, unpleasant odor, severe pain.
If the person is an infant or a person with diabetes.

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