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Know more About Corona Virus!

The corona virus in the Middle East resembles the SARS virus, which spread in 2003 and killed hundreds around the world.

Here is some information on this respiratory disease.:

What’s the corona virus?

The Middle East corona virus emerged in late 2012, a set of viruses that can cause many respiratory diseases to humans.

The virus came from an unknown animal source. Although beauty is believed to be the primary source of transmission of the virus to humans, it can also be transmitted via infection among humans.

It is believed that most cases of human infection occurred as a result of human-to-human transmission.

Where does it spread?

Appeared the virus in many countries such as Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, France, Germany and Italy, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. As back injury cases in other countries as a result of the travel of people from Saudi Arabia or the Emirates to these countries such as Jordan, Greece, Malaysia, and the Philippines. However, most cases occurred in Saudi Arabia, where about 100 people were killed by the virus.

How does the virus affect?

The virus infects the respiratory system in humans and animals. It causes a man to have fever, cough, difficulty breathing. It can lead to pneumonia and sometimes kidney failure. Most of those infected so far are elderly or otherwise ill.

How does the virus spread?

How the virus is transmitted is not known for certain yet. It’s transmitted via droplets, from the patient during coughing or sneezing. And that means that the virus isn’t transmitted easily among humans without direct contact.

How dangerous is the virus?

Scientists believe the virus is not highly contagious, or there would be far more cases of infection. The virus is weak if he can’t stay more than one day out of the human body, can be eliminated by detergents, disinfectants normal. The greatest risk of the virus is that it is likely to spread widely throughout the world due to travel, tourism, pilgrimages, exposure to infected animals, or reduced awareness and hygiene.

Is there a cure for the disease?

The doctors are still not sure what the best course of treatment is for him. But patients need equipment to help them breathe. There is still no vaccine or vaccine to prevent the disease.

How can you be protected from the disease?

Since it is not known definitively ways of transmission of the virus van to follow the rules of Health, in general, is most important in these cases, such as avoiding patients avoid contact Paige secretions caused by patients like saliva or spray, cough or sneeze, in addition to attention to hand hygiene.

What are the precautions?

You must take the medical institutions that treat cases appropriate actions to prevent the spread of the virus to others from both crews medical or of the surrounding people living with HIV.

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