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How do I take care of my body daily

Exercise regularly

 You can take care of the health of the body through regular exercises, as it helps in controlling weight, strengthening bones and muscles, and improving mood and mental health in general, as can moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, which is safe for most people according to the Centers for Disease Control And prevention, in addition to the possibility of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for a period of not less than 150 minutes per week.


 Follow a daily routine

 The body’s skin can be taken care of by following a daily routine. Regardless of the skin type, the daily routine can help maintain overall health and improve damage, including acne, scarring, and dark spots. This can be done through the following: :

  • Skin Cleaning: Skin should be cleaned daily by choosing the appropriate cleanser for it, taking into account choosing a type that does not tighten the skin, and applying it to the skin only once, or twice at most.
  • Moisturizing the skin: the skin must be hydrated appropriately and daily, in order to preserve it. For example, a light moisturizer based on gels for oily skin should be used, and it does not cause pores to close. Cream-based moisturizers can be used for dry skin.

Use a sunscreen

 Skin can be preserved during the day by using a sunscreen that contains at least 30 SPF and must be applied fifteen minutes before going outside. Dark skin needs more sun protection because it is difficult to correct hyperpigmentation. Her skin.

Eat a healthy diet

  •  Eating a healthy diet helps improve the appearance of the skin and increase its freshness. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, in addition to the importance of drinking large quantities of water to maintain the skin’s moisture.
  •  Some research has indicated that eating a healthy diet rich in fish oil, or fish oil supplements, and reducing intake of unhealthy fats, and refined or processed carbohydrates may help enhance skin vitality, reduce wrinkles, and appear more youthfully.

Take care of hair


 The hair can be taken care of by washing it well, and the number of times the hair is washed depends on its type and the amount of oil produced by the scalp, where oily hair should be washed more often than other types, but if the hair is chemically treated it is better to wash it less regularly because Hair may be dry.

Cut the hair

Regular cutting of hair helps to ensure its further growth, and get rid of damaged and broken ends. Therefore, hair must be cut at least once every six months to maintain its health, while avoiding cutting the damaged hair ends will completely damage the hair.

Water temperature

The temperature of the water used to wash the hair affects it, and its quality can be determined. Therefore, the hair must be washed with lukewarm water, and avoid washing it with very cold water, or very hot even in the winter; With tea, water to give the hair the required shine and softness.

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