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Corona Virus: The World Health Organization calls on the world to prepare

Said the head of Emergency Programme health World Health Organization said; “the whole world must be alert” to fight Virus Corona are in the Looking area; possible declaration of a state of global emergency.

He commended Dr. Mike Ryan, the response of China to avoid the deadly disease. Saying: “The challenge is great, but the response has been tremendous”.

It is scheduled to meet the World Health Organization. On Thursday, to discuss whether the virus poses a global health emergency.

And began to disease outbreaks globally of Wuhan city China, city, Hubei province middle of the country.

The virus spread throughout China and then moved to at least 16 countries worldwide. Including Thailand, France, the United States, and Australia.

More than 130 people died in China and nearly 6,000 were injured.

So far, there is no specific treatment or vaccine against the disease. However, a number of people have recovered after treatment.

Dr. Ryan of the World Health Organization, it’s gathered an international team of experts to go to China and work ; with the experts there to learn more about how the transmission of the disease.

He added: “We are at an important juncture in this event. We think these transmission chains can stop.”

Scientists in Australia the re-synthesis of the new coronavirus in a laboratory outside of China; which raised hope that it can be used to develop a test for early diagnosis of the disease before its development.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom grew, who visited China this week, said that most of the people infected with HIV were suffering from “mild symptoms of the infection”, but about 20 percent have suffered from a severe impact such as pneumonia and respiratory failure.

He said that China “needs the solidarity of the world and support”, and “and the world meets together to end the outbreak, drawing on lessons learned from disease outbreaks earlier”.

Added grew to the World Health Organization’s “feel so sorry” as she indicated in three reports last week that the global threat of the virus is “moderate”, rather than development to that the risk is “high”.

He described the spread of the disease from person to person in Germany, Vietnam, and Japan as worrying, and said that experts will keep this on Thursday when making a decision about the declaration of a global emergency.

What’s going on in Wuhan city?

The townspeople live in isolation and fear. Been the Prohibition of most forms of traffic, and the detention of 11 million people in their homes, in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus.

Videos have appeared online for the residents of some buildings cheering behind the windows. Which means “be strong and vulnerable.”

And spread the video clips on the web site for social networking, which is a social networking site especially China, just like Twitter, where active people from all over the country messages supportive.

And someone wrote on the website, ” we’ll get through this. Wuhan Jiayu, the whole country supports you.”

Who’s being evacuated from Wuhan?

It is the evacuation of hundreds of foreign nationals from Wuhan, where the virus first appeared, and Japan and the United States and the European Union to its subjects.

Some 200 Japanese citizens arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, leaving 240 Americans and already humiliated, including members of the local American consulate, on Wednesday.

according to CNN, the U.S. has forced Americans who had been evacuated to stay in quarantine at the airport for up to two weeks.

two aircraft have been identified to transport European Union nationals to their countries, with 250 French nationals leaving on the first flight?

South Korea said that about 700 of its citizens would be leaving on four flights this week. Malaysia and the Philippines pledged to evacuate their citizens in and around Wuhan.

Hired Canada plane to get about 160 of its nationals, but said that it may take several days for permission to land near Wuhan.

What’s the status of travel to China?

Announced Hong Kong, of China, on plans to provide cross-border travel between the city and mainland China, on Tuesday.

British Airways stopped all flights to and from China, and the British Foreign Office warned against “all but necessary flights” there.

Several other airlines have also taken similar measures. leon air, one of the largest Asian airlines, is scheduled to stop its flights to China as of Saturday.

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