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Corona virus: panic, ridicule and conspiracy theories on social media

Raised news spread of the virus corona in China and some countries of the world and the scientists difficult to contain the virus, “bottom”, wide attention by activists on social networking sites Arab.

This led to MERS-CoV to the death of at least 56 people and injuring about 2,000 people, since its discovery in the city of Wuhan, according to government reports.

No Arab state has so far registered cases of the coronavirus, although it is widespread in a number of states outside China.

He activists on social networking sites wide attention with news of coronavirus, which topped the tags related trend Twitter in most of the Arab states.

Use warbler to several tags to talk about the virus, most notably: ##viruses and #Corona, exceeding the number of tweets in which 100 thousand.

The comments tended to fear and panic about the possible spread of the deadly virus in the Arab countries, especially as the volume of trade between them and China was considerable, in addition to Arab trade and tourist visits to China.

Draws one Twitterer asking the Sudanese government questioning the procedures that will be undertaken to counter the threat of the corona in the shadow of “the many faces of China in Sudan and Sudanese in China for the purpose of the experiment or study”.

And Lana seemed to fear that Corona would be the plague of our time.”

Others, on the other hand, have received reports of the spread of the virus with some indifference and cynicism.

Sana’a said ironically she did not expect the end of mankind to be “made in China”.@ fahess_sana202020

He considered Ali Haidar to coronavirus nongrata in Lebanon because the country comes originally from “Corona Power”. @alihaidar1882

And other conspiracy theory, believing that corona or other diseases that became rampant suddenly in recent years is a type of biological weapons.@z41TXGM9xIojEht

Connect Ahmed Isa well also, what happens in China is currently “torturing Muslim my age” said: “after that the isolation of China more than 5 million Muslim #Uighur, today the whole world promotes China due to the spread of HIV Corona killer among Chinese fear of the spread of infection”.@elmasrw

In contrast, refused to Khaled alshatti “smell real problems people whatever their religions or their doctrines or their directions,” believing that “healthy hearts do not crowd out love and companionship and healing everything in them”.

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