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Corona virus comes in the Arabian Gulf

The UAE has registered its first outbreak of corona virus, which is rampant in China, and the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the diagnosis of a new case of corona virus for people from one family coming from Wuhan in the People’s Republic of China.

The UAE Ministry of Health stated that the health status of travelers is stable and under medical supervision.

The Ministry confirmed that in coordination with the health authorities and the relevant authorities in the country, the necessary precautions were taken in accordance with the recommendations, conditions and scientific standards adopted by the World Health Organization and that the general health condition is not a cause for concern.

The ministry confirmed also that the epidemiological investigation centers in the country are working – around the clock – to early report any cases of HIV infection, stressing that the health system in the country works very efficiently and that the ministry is closely following the situation to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Corona Virus

A virus, previously unknown to scientists, has caused damage to the lungs in China and other countries

What is Corona virus?

This virus belongs to the Corona Virus family, which is a family of viruses consisting of six types of infection that are transmitted between humans until now, and with the joining of the new virus, the number becomes seven.

The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which is caused by a Coronavirus, has killed 774 people out of a total of 8,098 infected people while it spread to Asia, which started in China in 2002.

How dangerous is the virus?

Symptoms of this virus begin with a fever, then a dry cough, after which the patient begins to suffer from difficulty breathing, after which the person may need medical attention inside the hospital.

Current statistics indicate that one out of four is seriously injured.

It is rare for the initial symptoms of the disease to include runny nose and sneezing.

Is it a deadly virus?

Corona virus arrives in the Arabian Gulf
So far more than 80 people have died of the virus so far, but while the number of deaths appears to be limited compared to the number of infections, we cannot count on these numbers.

It takes some time for the virus to cause death, which makes the door open to the possibility of many infected people.

It is also not clear at this time the number of cases that have not yet been reported.

Which animal transmitted the virus to humans?

Once the virus-carrying animal (from which the virus emerges) is identified, it is much easier to deal with the problem.

Several reports have linked the newly discovered Coronavirus with a seafood market in southern China in Wuhan.

While some marine mammals can carry corona viruses, such as beluga whales, there is other wildlife on the market such as chickens, bats, rabbits, and snakes, which are likely to be the source of transmission of the virus to humans.

Where did the virus come from?

“If we look at the spread of viruses in the past, and if this is a new member of the Corona Virus family, it is likely that they have passed from a virus-carrying animal,” said Jonathan Paul, Professor of Virology at the University of Nottingham.

SARS began to appear in bats and civet cats and then transferred to humans.

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