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Corona virus, and stories of solidarity in Wuhan, China

While the number of injured Bob virus corona and its height forced millions of residents of the city of Wuhan in the territory of Hubei of central China – the starting center of the epidemic – the commitment to their homes in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. But in this time of isolation, some try to lift the spirits of others and to spread the spirit of hope in their hearts.

Neighbors who spread joy.
The spread of the deadly epidemic coincides with China’s celebration of one of its most important holidays, Lunar New Year and the beginning of the new Chinese year – the mouse year.

And this holiday, in general, is full of happiness, and for many of the Chinese represents the only opportunity in the year that allows them to meet their families and exchange gifts of food and money.

The authorities advised in the Wuhan population fulfill their role to reduce the spread of the virus, but the inhabitants of one of the residential complexes in the city smile is a simple way to encourage each other and lift their spirits.

Has shown videos posted on social networking sites Chinese people shouting “Wuhan Jiayu” from the windows of their apartments, which cheers means “keep your strength, Wuhan” or “continued my career there, and Wuhan.”

Many Chinese from all over the country are spreading this phrase in solidarity with Wuhan, who has suffered the greatest number of deaths from the epidemic.

“We will get through this. Wuhan Jiayu, the whole country stands behind you and supports you.”

The deadly epidemic, which spread throughout China and internationally, to now more than a hundred sources – mostly in Wuhan.

Although there are a lot of interventions in the media expressing fear and anger the Chinese authorities, in trying to official media focus on initiatives that reflect the integration and collaboration and the spirit of hope, and articles that describe how the population of Wuhan in between them to face the epidemic and response.

He has published newspaper Changjiang Daily official, for example, an article about a restaurant owner in Wuhan I spent my Lunar New Year which is attached a packed lunch for workers in the health sector in the city.

The newspaper wrote in her article that the owner of the restaurant, Li Bo, aged 36 years, he has opened his restaurant just a month ago after he sold his car to scrounge a sum of money in order to finance the project.

But before being able to project launch, in fact, occurred epidemic, I thought I streets from passers-by and restaurant customers.

The newspaper quoted me as saying, “I got anxiety, and you lie in my house, and I’m deeply concerned about the possibility I can’t meet my debts.”

“But I read the news, and saw how to continue working in hospitals are considerable difficulties in dealing with the torrent of patients, and felt that the time had come for me to do something. I wanted to do my part no matter how small.”

Beijing News had published a report on food shortages in some Wuhan hospitals. Two Wuhan residents had previously told BBC that the city residents were trying to store food.

The villager who donated 15,000 medical masks.
Fear of infection with the corona virus has led thousands of Chinese across the country to gather for medical face masks; leading to scarcity in some areas.

Masks became rare to the point that some of the participants in the platform web e-they began to say jokingly they would prefer to receive a mask as a holiday gift lunar year instead of cash.

Pay this grease villagers in the territory of Changde, the neighboring province of Hubei which is located in Wuhan, to donate 15 thousand channel almost to the needy people, according to the newspaper Xiaoxiang Morning Herald.

The Villager, How Jin, worked until last year in a factory that produced medical masks before resigning. However, the owner of the plant was unable to pay his salary, compensating him with 15,000 masks valued at about 20,000 yuan ($2,883).

Howe came home with masks, and forgot about them until he heard about their scarcity in the market.

He said, ” I have decided to donate masks to those who need them, which I hope will be of greater value to others.”

Keep Hawaii a number of masks for him and his family, and distributed a number of them on the inhabitants of his village before donating the quantity of the remaining inhabitants of the territory in which they live.

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