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Various Treatments

What is hepatitis A and B?

What is hepatitis A and B? If you have hepatitis A or B, you are infected with hepatitis A or hepatitis B virus. Your liver is a soft, flexible organ that performs many important functions. The functional parts of the liver are called lobules of the liver that filter the …

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Influenza (Flu) and what about him | see more

Influenza or the flu is a contagious viral infection that attacks your nose throat and lungs it can cause fever chills runny nose sore throat cough muscle aches and fatigue the flu virus is extremely small also only visible through electron lenses inside the virus genetic corporeality contains the information …

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Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) | See more

hi guys againToday we talk about the heart center at Nationwide Children’s is dedicated to the unique needs of patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other forms of single ventricle heart defects. if your baby has hypoplastic left heart syndrome or other single ventricle heart defects and has had …

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