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Benefits of fruits for children


 Varieties of fruits, shapes, colors, and flavors are also varied, some of them are red, green and yellow, and some of them are also bitter, sweet or sour, and orange, strawberry, green apple, red, watermelon, kiwi, mango, peach, apricot, and many others and each of them ripen in a particular season and in a particular country and not others and is characterized by its richness in the various nutritional elements that are important for human health in particular water, and it is recommended to consume them at different times as reducing their intake causes health to harm, and in this article, we will talk about the benefits of general fruits in addition to its benefits with The ratio is for children.

Benefits of fruits

for children It is worth mentioning that the mother should include fruits mainly in the diet of her young children, because of its great importance for them, as follows:

  • Providing the child with the calories needed to perform various functions of his body and his need for energy to play, jump, run, and others.
  • Increase the intelligence and awareness of the child and lighten his mind.
  •  Building teeth and bones due to the richness of fruits in various minerals, the most important of which is calcium.
  •  Facilitate digestion, especially in cases of children suffering from constipation or flatulence resulting from the painful and disturbing presence of gases inside the abdomen.
  •  Strengthening the child’s body immunity against various diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, which are the leading cause of disease for children and others.
  •  Build a strong, healthy, fit and healthy owner.
  •  Increased activity is reflected in its external appearance, especially its skin, eyes and physical activity.

Benefits of fruits

  •  Maintaining youthful skin, vitality, health, and shine, and minimizing the effects of aging on the skin.
  •  Reducing fatigue, stress, and tension.
  •  To expel toxins and excreta from the body because they are extremely rich in water.
  •  Fruits are good for the heart.
  •  Strengthening muscles and increasing the efficiency of their work and their effectiveness.
  •  Fruits are good for hair vitality, shine and strengthening. Prevention of various types of cancer, as eating fruits reduces the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body parts.
  •  Prevention of diabetes.

fruit salad

 Children love colorful meals that are interesting, and the mother can master the preparation of fruit salads for her family. Here we present the basic method.

 the ingredients

  • Two and a half glasses of fresh strawberries. Three kiwis, fresh.
  • A glass of fresh cranberry.
  •  Fresh peaches. Half a cup of fresh strawberry juice.
  •  Two tablespoons of fine white sugar and this component can be increased according to taste and taste.
  •  Preparation: Wash strawberries and prunes thoroughly, and cut them into medium-sized pieces.
  •  Peel and cut the kiwis.
  • Place strawberries, kiwi, berries, and prunes in a suitable bowl.
  • Add the fine white sugar and juicy to the ingredients. Mix together well and serve a salad.

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